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Monday, November 27, 2006

back to durham

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am so amazed that this year is almost over...CRAZY. My family was here for turkey day and i had such a good time. It was so nice being w/ family for a holiday. Its been a while. We had some good food, leah and landon took some photos together-cute, and i got a break b/c nana and papa were here to play w/ landon. My mom was actually here for like 2 weeks...she looked after landon lots...thankfully! she did so great and landon adores her...So THANK YOU nana!!!!!

unlike my super sister in law, i have done no shopping...in fact not sure i'll be doing a lot of shopping this year (although i love to buy/give gifts)unfortunately, financially, just cant do it this year b/c of buying the house and then next year b/c we'll already be living off one salary as it is...so sorry to all, i'll make up for it in a couple years..haha. Will will get a kiss and a "happy holiday, i love you" and landon will of course get some presents--its his 1st hanukah and xmas..he has to get presents from mommy and daddy...

Speaking of landon...this kid amazes me...and exhausts me. He is still crawling around-just getting faster now. He pulls to stand on EVERYTHING, including our dog Cooper. (he's such a good dog by the way, he just lets landon play all over him, pulling his hair and such, and not even a wimper out of cooper, just lots of licks..)He also walks using this push toy--by HIMSELF. crazy i know but he pulls up and off he goes....i'm in big trouble! He's so cute though, he smiles and shows how proud he is of what he's doing...he's still doing great with eating..we've started cheerios and puffs and actually just today we gave him some diced peaches...he loves his finger foods so far...he'll occassionaly get one in his mouth by himself, but he mostly will pick on up and then as he goes for the mouth the "puff" is misaimed..but he tries so hard, then i help him out a little. Still not sleeping the best, but he's getting better.. we'll keep praying for that night he just keeps on sleeping.

about the title. We're going to durham this weekend. we found out we had to have our choices regarding the house in by dec. 6th..um hello its almost the 1st and we just found out a few days ago--nice. so we were lucky and both got off this weekend and away we go friday morning. this is going to be the fun part though...=) it'll be cool that we can see the progress on the house as well..more pics to share..not just mud.

this month, thus this year will be gone before i know it......

Friday, November 10, 2006

celeb look alike-what do you think? haha

Thursday, November 09, 2006

the house

for those enquiring minds here's the house. Its the Ellington, elevation "E".http://www.standardpacifichomes.com/findhome/NeighborhoodFloorPlan.aspx?NID=1153&FPID=164271&PFPID=Ellington

outside will be grey/charcoal/black shutters

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

new stuff

okay...so first of all i have stopped breastfeeding. i started about a week ago with just BF the first feeding of the day. (the theory being that he was getting gasey from BF, so i'd rather him just be a little gasey during the day, instead of at night) So yeah, did that for like 2,3 days and then just cut it out all together. Finally my boobs arent super engorged and killing me. Now they just look extra perky...lol. i'm sure that'll go away in a day or so and then i'll be flappin in the wind..haha. (i'm hoping not though). I really do think Landon is so much less gasey now. I really didnt want to stop, but i wanted to do what was best for him--usually that's BF, but not for my little man anymore...at least i got to 6 1/2 months...He's drinking enfamil gentleease (for fussy/gasey babies) whew...Will didnt realize how expensive formula feeding really was. Landon will at least now usually get a 4-5 hour stretch first thing at night...down at 7 up at usually 12, then up again 4,5 and then again 6 or 7 for the day...We're trying to keep a better schedule during the day too....so things are looking up.

We got back from NC monday evening. We started in Charlotte saw Will's bro's family and new baby, then went by my bro's family. So much fun seeing everyone. Then we went up to chapel hill/durham area. I had an interview at UNC L&D dept-it went well, i'm pretty sure i'll be offered the position but am waiting for their call. We also went down to look around at the area and houses...monday after my interview we went to look by one other developement and sure enough we found one we like and "drum roll please"....we reserved a lot and "purchased" a house. Meaning there is a little deposit put down and soon there will be a BIG transfer of money going on. The dev. is in southern Durham near a brand new mall and recently built up area. Very nice...thats what i most like about the house--the location. Its also on a cult-de-sac and we have a nice big backyard...the house itself is nice-not as big as i'd like but when we're going to be living on one salary-mine-for a year, it'll do.

Other news about Landon- he's crawling all over the place, and pulling to standing on everything. He's "talking" alot more too. He's eating stage 2s morning and night and loves them. I gotta go, the baby beckons....