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Friday, July 27, 2007

15 months

Landon is 15 months now and he just had his appt. 25lbs and 32 inches long.
Words spoken: dada, mama, duck, dog, woof woof, quack quack, hot dog, neigh (for horse), nana (pronounced naw naw--for his pacifier) starting to say hi, bubye and ba (ball)....of course there can be variations of these at any time.
Signed words: Hi, bye, light, fan, more, milk, eat, grapes, apple, shoes, ball, cat, water, hat, thank you, please, book, brush teeth, there's more i just cant think..(its been a long day at work*)
Body parts he points to: hair, head, eyes, nose, cheek, ears, knee, foot, toes, mouth
He still loves looking at books, loves going to school and playing w/ friends, loves to give hugs (especially to friends at school ) gives high fives, climbs everything and anything, gets frustrated easily when he cant do something or isnt aloud to do something, has 6 teeth and 2 on the way through....is the love of my life and i cant imagine my life w/out him.

(** today at work i delivered twins vaginally...and by "i delivered" i mean i was there/her nurse, not that i actually caught babies...=) hope all you preggos are feeling good and happy. )

I got my hair did...again.

So we're broke basically (not really broke, just living paycheck to paycheck) and refuse to pay someone to cut landon's hair, so Will took it upon himself to do something about that. I was in bed the other morning, just resting while Will got Landon out of bed...after a bit I hear landon's whining. At first I thought he was getting his diaper changed (he still doesnt like that so much) but it didnt stop...after a few minutes i finally got out of bed and went in the playroom where i find Will buzzing Landon's head w/ his clippers. Poor baby was whining and some tears coming down (not really crying though). I think it was the noise mostly scaring him...it was over pretty quick after that and i think he looks darn cute. But then again i'm his mom...but he really is that cute, ... really.! =) Seriously though..he looks so much like my dad...shhh dont tell Will. hehe.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So yes! Landon is finally saying "mama"...he had been kinda saying it, but not really.....then this am in his crib when he was ready to get up and out he called for "dada" then "mama"..yay!!! he otherwise still only says a few words -"ducka, doga, hotdoga,woof woof and sometime bubye"...he signs lots of words..some of the newer ones are grapes, apple, thank you, cat,...one day i'll list all the words he can sign..there's quite a few. His 15 month appt is next thursday....i'll update after that. last time we weighed him he was 25 1/2 lb and 'bout 31 in tall...we'll see..i'll write more later..

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lake Eno

So last weeken we decided to go to Eno River for a hike with Landon. http://www.ils.unc.edu/parkproject/visit/enri/home.html We never really do anything so we decided even a hike was something different. It was hot and long and exhausting but fun. Landon started to fall asleep near the end of the hike. It was quite amusing. Will was carrying him in the backpack and Landon's head was falling foward and then he'd whine when his head bumped Will's..here's a photo.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So work is going good, landon's daycare is going good, and Will is doing well. Don't have much to say right this second. We went to Charlotte a couple weekends ago, for the HIVE reunion and it was so much fun being w/ everyone. I think we're going to see Transformers today....and hopefully we can find something to do for the 4th...I'll write more later..(I think Landon kinda looks like my dad in this photo....)