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Thursday, April 16, 2009

the great tree dilemma

Okay, maybe someone has some advice on how to go about this. We have a tall but not so big tree in the back of the house that during a storm somehow got a crack up the middle. Its not up the entire tree but on a good portion. I'm so afraid when its windy that this tree is going to crack and crash into the house or something. When its windy and the tree sways you can hear it cracking and creeking. So i was researching online how i'm supposed to take care of this and if we're responsible b/c its technically on our private property. I remember reading we werent supposed to cut down living trees but then i see that if its hazardous and might fall and there's reasoning behind why you think it might fall and hit something you can??? anyone dealt w/ this? we also are thinking of putting up a fence but then i'm thinking what if we put up the fence and then this tree fall either on our house of the fence and crushes it and then we have to pay for another section of fence???? you see....any advice out there?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so its 4:40 and i've been up for an hour now. this seems like a daily occurrence if i'm not at work. i wake up at this time and cant go back to sleep then end up sooo tired during the day. grrr...this is getting old...and how many weeks do i have left????

Thursday, April 02, 2009

the human disposal

Okay, so i had chick filet w/ landon for dinner...that was like at 5:30...got home, played put landon to bed and came downstairs and ate a banana. At like 10ish i try to call Will b/c i was craving a peanut butter and honey sandwich. he doesnt answer his phone. He gets home and i'm like i wanted you to stop and get honey...anyway...NO honey for me. So i search and search, and finally i choose to eat easy mac...not what i wanted - i settled. Now i'm eating peanut butter toast...i am so hungry and cant stop eating!!!! someone help!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

green thumb

well, not so much really. but i did get off my ass yesterday and actually do something. I went and picked out some flowers and did some gardening. And by gardening i mean dig some holes and fill w/ dirt and flowers..but at least it looks nice. =)