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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ribbon fanatic

So i've been trying to get into making clippies and bows and such.....i've made a couple headbands for myself and some clippies for jordyn (pinch clip and snap clips) and i've made a few that wont be used for years for her but whatever...its fun and it gives my my outlet i need. I havent been scrapbooking in a while...more like years...i dont have the space i need so its hard. So i've started this...i get to be creative and make beautiful or cute ( at least i think so...haha) things..
here's one i made for Leah..Thus named the Leah Loopy bow for future reference...just could be made in different colors..=) Will thinks its big, i'm like its not for a toddler its for 4 yr olds and up...do you think its big???? please i really want to know so i can revamp if needed..i already downsized it once..this is like 5 in across. i think it'd be cute w/ a ponytail or something? Or i could make two small ones for pigtails too..the options are endless..i'm obsessed..this is going to get expensive..well....more expensive than it already has. HA..oh well.

Here is another one i had made a while back..i think its pretty cute!

Monday, March 29, 2010

So jordyn has an ear infection.

If you've been reading my facebook and /or blog you should know jordyn has not been sleeping well. Maybe this is to exlain. YOU THINK????

This morning she started acting really pathetic...just plain sad. i felt horrible that there was nothing i could do to comfort her. i held her, rocked her, tried to nurse her...anything and everything. i finally got her to sleep for 30 min. i took her to the dr. and sure enough a raging ear infection in her right ear. So i bring her home after picking up the amoxicillin and take her out of the car seat (poor thing fell asleep on the way there and the way back) and she threw up a ridiculous amount of milk.
i gave her the medicine..which she DID NOT like by the way, and rocked her to sleep. she's now sleeping in her swing.....

here's to hoping she feels better and sleeps better.

Friday, March 26, 2010

i have to laugh not to cry

yeah...so a 30 minute nap would've been great compared to what happened.

1 hr and 10 min of crying and then a 20 min nap. so i finally caved and took her in my bed and nursed her and we both slept..i dont even know for how long.. maybe an hour? not sure...

she cried, i cried......*sigh*

hopefully next week goes better. after tonite i dont work again til next fri/sat.


okay all you stay at home moms i praise you.

I have been a "stay at home" mom and part time nurse for 1 week now and i'm exhausted. I still am working 20-24 hrs a week at night and dealing w/ a baby who doesnt nap well and has now decided to wake up every 2 hrs at night. i'm so tired. and then next week landon is going part time at school. Mon/wed/fri. that should be interesting.

So i wake up w/ landon do breakfast for him, get him dressed, get cooper walked and fed. Jordyn wakes up, we take landon to school (this next week will only be 3 x a week) me and jordyn come home and play and then i put her down for nap. so this is usually a 30 min. nap. on tues it was a fluke and she slept 2 hrs in the morning. Sometimes during this playtime we'll run errands, do a grocery trip, try and go to the gym...

after nap i eat lunch if i can, and we play again maybe go for a walk...i try and put her for another nap and then we get landon...fun times

did i mention i'm tired

i also have been making the dinners and cleaning this house...i'm tired..

i sense a theme here...

*on that note i'm going to try to put jordyn for a nap and cross my fingers its at least an hour..i need some sleep before work tonite.....

Friday, March 19, 2010


So i cant believe jordyn is coming up on 5 months. seriously time is flying by. We started rice cereal this week and she's been doing great with it. She sleeps pretty well at night, and we're working on the daytime napping. That is another story....to be continued...i was looking at some pics of landon and i decided to put them both on here and compare...what do you think...def. related!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

we decided to eat panera last night, which i never really choose to eat, but i did last night..

sure enough Will gets home w/ the bag..and to my suprise but not really--my freakin panini is missing..its always MY food

note to self: remind will over and over and over to always check the bag...grrrr