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Monday, October 30, 2006

bad mommy

okay so i've been having so many meltdowns lately, i think mostly b/c of lack of sleep.....i worked this past weekend so it gave me a little break during the day....although i was EXHAUSTED when i got home. Little sleep-work 12 hrs-home-little sleep-work 12 hrs-little sleep, NOW. Speaking of now. Landon has been asleep for almost 2 hrs..."ahhhh" how nice. How you say? well i swaddled him..haha, how funny is that. We'll see if it was just a fluke or if it might work for a bit longer....He loves being cuddled while he sleeps, so it makes sense. We're heading down to North Carolina this weekend to see our new niece Madeline. I'm also going to see mike/angelle/leah...and then we're going to durham area to look at houses and i have an interview at UNC L&D dept. i'm excited....but then that all makes me think that i have to start packing this stinkin house again soon...oh well.....

Thursday, October 19, 2006


So the past 2 nights Landon only cried for 10-15 minutes when put to bed, so that's good, But, he had horrible naps during the days and I had 2 major meltdowns. Not sure what/why it happend. Whether its just stress, or not enough time spent w/ my own friends or doing things I want...but i just lost it. It started both times when he wouldnt go down for his morning nap...it just escalated after that and then we both cried for a while and then my meltdown was over. *sigh*.... i need a vacation...haha that sounds funny....i mean, i only work 1 day a week and i'm saying i need a vacation....but all you mom's i'm sure totally understand.

I took landon to the Peds for a rash evaluation. They didnt think it was food related and just said to put some aquafor lotion on it...we'll see. They said maybe just a viral rash some kids get. We see his regular Peds next week. I also havent given him any solids for a few days so when i do again, we'll see what happens. The rash does seem to be getting better though??? we'll keep you updated..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

let the crying begin

Soooooooo, we finally let Landon cry himself to sleep last night. I say "let" like it was a treat for him. It took 45 minutes of him crying, pulling on his bumpers, rolling around his crib to fall asleep. (we did go in like 3,4 times to console him/say i love you) He slept until 1:30,ate, then slept until 5 then 8, then swim class....so all in all, that was a really good night...no gas fits either..I just put him down for the night and he actually was so tired that when i put him down he just fell asleep....lucky i am...i'm sure it wont be like tomorrow.

I think he might have some sort of food allergy/intolerance. Anyone have issues w/ that??? He's still breastfeed but we had started him on solids at 4 months...starting slow w/ rice cereal then oatmeal and veggies and fruits...all was good for like a month but a few weeks back i noticed a bit of a rash on his back. It hadn't seemed to bother him, and it wasnt raised bumps, just small red spots...well it came and went and i thought maybe it was from clothes or sweating and sitting in the heat in his carseat...well i started watching more what he ate and what happend w/ the rash and of course i started researching (damn this computer). It seems he has some mild symptoms-rash and like 2 or 3 areas that might be eczema?? So I dont know. I'm breastfeeding him only until all rash goes away. He has his 6m appt next wednesday so i'll talk to his Peds and possibly get a referal to an allergist if need be. I guess we'll start the food routine all over and i'll keep a log or something. That's about it.....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the car that went kerplunk

Soooooooooooo, I was on my way to meet a friend for lunch and I made a turn onto one of the main streets and there was this grinding "kerplunk" noise...One of our cars had been making a sound like something was rusted when you turn the wheel, we didnt think too much of it, we were going to get it checked soon. Well too late! I immediately go 3 lanes right to this gas station, pull in and try to park, nope the "P" doesnt work. The car just keeps moving....and there is an awful noise....i'm sure i was being stared at by everyone. So i call Will, who wont be home til like 9, (it was 12:30) and he says try to get home and just we'll get it towed tomorrow...okay so first i'm afraid to drive b/c of the noise...but i turn my hazards on and go home, it was only a minute away. i'm trying to park in our driveway and i had to turn left (the direction that caused the problems in the first place) and there is crunching noises and i'm afraid the car is going to fall apart any second, soooo i try to drive slowly around and see if there's another spot open and there's not so i pull around, noises and all into our lot. i put in "park" meanwhile moving backward, put the emergency brake on and get landon out and go inside.

well, today was sunday basically everywhere is closed or has no time available and then monday is columbus day, but we did find someone who's going to tow us tomorrow, and hopefully take a look and see what the damage is...no doubt it'll be something costing thousands of dollars..doesnt everything that goes wrong cost that much. So i'm left w/out a car right now, meaning i'm isolated in this house except for our walks....grrrrr..hopefully it can get fixed soon then we can get rid of the piece of crap and get a good 'ol toyota or honda. i'm so mad. Saturn vue=piece of crap. incase anyone was thinking of getting one.....

Thursday, October 05, 2006


So usually when Landon wakes up in the am we kinda just hang out in bed for a while and play quietly. The past 2 morning he has started giving "raspberries". At first i though it was just a fluke, that he did on accident but he just kept doing it, i laughed, and he do it again. Some dont really make the noise but some others do and they're loud. Its hilarious. So it goes that he does in on my belly and i laugh, so he tries again until he gets one that make a good noise. Its quite comical. Will tried to get it on video yesterday afternoon but landon had stage fright. Such a smarty pants.

I contacted a photographer after seeing a post on craigs list for "building portfolio". She is trying to do just that -so she has no photo/sitting fees and will give a free 8x10 and 50% off any other photos you want. i'm excited to see what she does.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i'm a scrapper again

So, i FINALLY started my scrapbooking again and i'm so glad i did. Not only is it a creative outlet and i was for me to have "me time" but i have beautiful pages to look at and have forever. i have finished 4 spreads (8 pages) and they keep getting better and better. I keep buying new, fun embellishments to use and some fun paper....one (who doesnt have this hobby) would not believe how expensive it can get. I think its worth it though.

On another note, we had a "good" night last night. By good i mean landon only woke up twice to eat. Not sure he really needed to eat but i wasnt taking the chance and then him end up screaming his head off. So he went to bed like 7:30, he woke up 11:30 (really good for him...he usually wakes up just to wake up between then, but he actually slept) and then again at 3:30 and then he slept til 5:45 and i brought him in bed w/ me and slept til 7:45-then up for swim class. =) So yep, that was a good night...no crying, no tears (from him, or me ) just waking up, eating and back to sleep..yay. Lets pray for some more of those