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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

here i am

So yes, we are all aware i'm a slacker and procrastinator and thus dont blog like i should. Facebook is easy to put one liners on though so that's been easier than typing on here. Sorry. I'm 30 weeks and still going. I'm uncomfortable and feel bad about complaining b/c there are people far worse off than me. Either they're pregnant and stay at home moms or have multiple kids to take care of or have to be stuck in a bed day and night. Anyway here's my rant. I have a crazy 3 yr old boy who likes to go non stop and then be held and have me pick him up all the time and that's just getting too hard to do. When i pick him up he sits on my belly and then this baby girl is being squished even further down than she's already sitting. Thats a whole nother subject. She is SO low its ridiculous. Can you say pressure. All the time!!!!! GRRR.. I swear there's no more room in there and i know i'll stretch and grow more but i think she's growing faster than my belly is. The good part is i always feel her move. i dont think she ever sleeps...its crazy. She moves more than landon did which was a lot. I like feeling that, its the best part in my opinion. She had the hiccups this morning. Landon used to get them alot so it was neat. It means she's practicing her breathing. Good girl. What else....hmm...a week or two ago i had a scan at work and she weighed in at 3 lb 5 oz, she's a good size already. I've been getting really excited recently. We've been going through baby stuff and clothes and putting things together...7-10 more weeks and we'll meet her. I cant wait. I wonder who she'll look like???? Will she have lots of hair????

So besides baby what else. We went to Kiawah, SC for a beach vacation w/ the Wrigley clan. Fun, but tiring. Didnt have the best sleep all week and not a whole lot of rest so it got hard. This sat. me and landon are flying to florida for little vacation. Finally get to meet friends daughter Tori whose growing so fast) and new baby Jax. YAY!. Come on, come all to see me =).

Will starts school again tomorrow and then this is the last semester. For those that dont know he's also submitted an application for the navy nurse corps. This means, once again, we'll be moving and at the mercy of the military...eek. For the first 3 years we'll be in the states but there's possibility that after that we'll have to go overseas...not sure how i feel about that but one place we might end up is Naples Italy...so that's not entirely horrible i suppose. We're thinking we'll be back up in n. VA area, and that Will will be stationed at Bethesda Naval hospital. So at least i'll know my way around and still know people up there. I'll keep ya posted on that, nothing new as of now though. We might know something come november so....that's bout it...