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Monday, April 26, 2010

snippity snip

okay so we had been letting landon grow his hair out for a while. He had it buzzed for a long time so i wanted to see what happend when it was long. It got long and we had it cut at a kids salon and it was cute and all but landon's hair EVERY morning is crazy. its sticking up in every direction and i seriously have to use hair product in it to keep it tame. So yesterday i called it quits and Will buzzed it again and i think he's so cute w/ a buzz cut. His hair is just thick and either has to be REALLY long or buzzed...maybe when he's older he'll grow it out...we'll see...



well....apparently there is not an after..haha...i'll have to get one today after he gets home from school....oops.

my big kids..

So this weekend my baby boy turned 4, and my baby girl turned 6 months...crazy...All the family was here on sat and that was so much fun. both sets of grandparents and both sets of cousins. I'm very thankful the families have the ability to get together like that. We had landon's party at little gym and that went well. i think the kids had lots of fun. Afterwards we went across the street to a BBQ place. Good thing they had outside seating b/c man it was a zoo with our big party and all the kids. The kids did surprisingly well though for playing all day nonstop. I wasnt too found of the food but that's okay, i'll just never go there again. =). Jordyn has been doing really good too. She's been doing so much better w/ her naps and she seems to be happy the majority of the time. She laughs and smiles so much. She makes me smile ....She loves to eat her foods and loves more to smack the spoon out of your hand. She has her 6 month appt the day landon has his 4 yr check up so i'll have stats on both kids after may 4th...or is it the 6th? i dont remember..its on the calendar. Well I uploaded lots of photos so here's a few.