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Friday, May 22, 2009

team blue or team pink?


According to the doc at work----


AHHHHH!!!! I'm still shocked and in disbelief and i feel like there will be a penis next time i have an u/s...we'll see..for now i'll just be elated i have a girl inside me....=). IF it does turn out to be a boy, i'll still be happy and adore him as well....but for now, go team pink (and purple and frills and fru fru and sugar and spice)

the gender is....?????

So here i am at work, sitting, waiting.....I do have a patient that i'm monitoring but there is this little white envelope in my bag w/ the secret gender of my baby in it and its making it hard to sit still !!!!!!!!!!!

I was NOT allowed to find out the sex of this baby w/o Will. My 20week anatomy scan is the 2nd week of june and those that know me know i'm NOT a patient person. So a kind doctor at work looked for me printed the picture w/ the gender on it. OMG. Do you know how hard it is not to look in that envelope? BUT i am being true to my word and Will and I will look at it together when i get home...stay tuned....

Any predictions ??? i'd love to hear what you think.

Me---no idea
Landon----girl (apparently Angelle is having a boy according to him as well)