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Thursday, January 31, 2008

joining the club

So I took landon to the dr. today.....its an ear infection. My son has joined the club. Will is picking up his prescription now. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. Didn't expect that but glad its something we can make better. Maybe we can start to get sleep again.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


so here i am home today w/ landon. last night around 11p he starts calling out for me in bed. He had been coughing a bit and was just sounding pathetic so i go upstairs comfort him for a second and then leave. I am called back up in 10 min. with his whining..."mommy, momma......etc."
So this time i pick him up and sit down and snuggle...he coughs and what not. At this point i can here the garage door going up ...Will had been studying and just got home, so he's moving about downstairs when all the sudden landon picks his head off my shoulder whines and then does this motion ( like when a cat is standing still and starts to move and you just know its going to yack)..and well yep, landon vomits everywhere and then does it again, and again and again..so i call for will and he comes running....poor landon...Will turns on the light and landon sees the mess on his floor..He then starts crying harder b/c he thinks he was a bad boy b/c he made a mess. i am not sure where he got that idea...So he says "messy"..and we try to assure him its okay. then we take him to the bathroom and get him cleaned up and in the meantime i'm feeling his cheek and forehead and his temperature literally increased 3 degrees in that 10 min. period...really wierd. He was on fire...we got him changed and then took his temp. 103.5..ouch...so we give him some medicine and i'm using a luke warm cloth on his head and neck. So i end up taking him to our bed to rest a bit. He was just restless and will has school the next morning so i take him back to his room and sit. At this point i'm kinda scared and really almost about to take him to the ER b/c his heart is pounding and beating so rapid and his breathing was very heavy and VERY fast...he had the chills and shakes and was kinda acting disoriented.... and then 5 min. later...yackity yack....again. so the process is continued. He finally went to sleep and we hit the bed at about 3:45...He is well this am. No fever, no chunks, but we're buddies for the day.. He does still have a juicy cough though....ahh...daycare, love it.

Friday, January 25, 2008


What do you mean I didn't suck my thumb when i was little? My mom is in town and were just talking about Landon and then my brother and I ..my mom mentioned how she used to let me go to sleep w/ a bottle of juice (apparently that's the only way i'd go to sleep...haha) Then we started talking about my pacifier and landon and his pacifier and then i said, but "yeah, i sucked my thumb til i was 4"..my mom goes "no you didnt, your brother sucked his thumb, not you"..i'm like, "um, yeah i did i remember"....So i call my dad....dad says "no stacy you did not suck your thumb"...so i call my brother mike...mike says "no stacy i was the one that sucked my thumb, you had your mine (what i called the pacifier..."mine".)"
Needless to say i'm devastated b/c i KNOW i sucked my thumb. Not like this is something to be so proud of but when you're 27 yrs old and your whole life you think something that might not be true it IS devastating....So did i make this whole thing up about sucking my thumb? is that even possible? How do i have memories about it, but my whole family doesnt remember or know that it happend????? Maybe it was my prior life? who knows, all i know is either they're all crazy or its just me....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

nighty night

So daycare was closed today b/c of the supposed "wintery mix" and dangerous roads we were going to have. Yeah scary stuff today----rain...it can be oh so dangerous. We were so mad...i mean c'mon....rain? really? seriously?....so i slept for a bit b/c i worked last night, Will watched him and then when landon napped Will went to study and then I got up w/ him and played for a bit. We then went to the mall to play in the kids play area b/c it was wet, rainy, and Landon had been inside all day....came home 'bout 5:30 and Landon walked in and put his hand to his head and said "nighty" ...sure okay landon you want to go to bed? "yessseee"...we walk up stairs get him in jammies, wipe his hands and face clean (he had a blue lolly pop and his mouth and lips were entirely blue...i should've got a pic of that.) read books and that all took 'bout an hour and now he's in bed sleeping...and i'm blogging about it....good night sweet baby...

ps. he didnt eat lunch or dinner...just some grapes and half my pretzel at the mall....am i a great mom or what...haha.

pps....he would't eat, we offered just incase you were saying to yourself..."damn, stacy what kind of mom are you?" =)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my little man

isnt he cute?...i've been playing w/ the camera

haha...i have a funny story. well not really funny and you'd only find it a bit humorous if you watched beauty and the geek (the tv show). Okay, so i'm at the gym yesterday around lunchtime-its not very buys...so i'm on the recumbant bike reading a book and i look up and see these two guys "working out" i put that in quotes b/c one knew what he was doing and the other didnt and was kinda learning i guess...so who do you ask were these guys...well i'll tell you...One of them i have no idea, sorry. haha, the OTHER was a geak from the tv show....i giggled to myself, i'm thinking i'm the only dork who probably watched this show and knew who this kid was, but i wasnt gonna be the girl who goes up to him and was like "oh my gosh you were on that show" yeah that'd be lame so i just continued to pedal. So anyhow if you watched it, it was the red head guy i think william the one w/ the blond muscular girl partner...he wasnt my favorite on the show-not even close but it was still amusing to me that he was in the gym....
thats all...ciao

Monday, January 14, 2008

new toy

LOVE IT! We spent some holiday money and got ourselves a sweet ass new camera. Pics to follow......love it love it...

For all you highschool folk who read this i had lunch w/ Carolina (Rincon sp?) now Kavanaugh the other day.. She, Todd and their son live in Wake Forest. We met up for a bite to eat and caught up. Her son is only a week older than landon...it was fun...She hasnt changed a bit...I'm sure we'll all be getting together soon.

Nothing else really..
Will started school last week and so far so good. Last night he practiced doing my blood pressure. how cute is that...haha...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

she's alive, she's alive.....

So...*sigh* here I am, i'm alive....no excuse for not blogging- just lazy i suppose. Thanksgiving has come and gone ( i worked), Christmas came and went (we went to charlotte to visit w/ Will's family), and the New Year is here ( worked the 31st and 1st- we popped open the sparkling bubbly.. and no we at unc did not the the area's new years baby)....

Not much going on. Landon is a big boy. He talks and runs and jumps...but NO he doesnt sleep or eat anymore...what? like those are necessities in life? Apparently not for my little nut. He gets by, unfortunately mommy and daddy like sleep. One morning i brought him to our room, we went back to sleep and when we woke up the TV was on disney, our laundry was all over the floor in the room, a stack of cards was neatly lined up on the window sill...i have no idea what he was doing all that time but he was having fun. He's still doing well at school, he knows everyone's name and still gives hugs and kisses....

I'm working mostly all nights...kinda sucks for your body sometimes but i like it....Will starts school on Wednesday and i'm excited for him.

Landon and I are going to Florida Feb. 29th-4th...I'd love to see all of you that live down there...

Anyway, i'll post more later...i hope... So whats everyone's new year resolution..i dont have one...yet.......

here's some pics from xmas