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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

swim, bike, run....cry?

So I'm not sure where the idea of doing a triathlon first came from....i have some friends from work that did one over a year ago and i started toying with idea at that time. But at that time i think i was just newly pregnant with jordyn so obviously that was a no go. I also had NO bike and NO access to a pool other than the community pool that's only open in the summer. So that wasnt going to work for training purposes either. Then some other friends and family decided to do a sprint triathlon in florida...i really wish i could've done that with everyone but of course on top of the other problems stated above, then i'd have to travel and with the kids and Will had to work and yada yada yada. So THEN angelle (my sis in law) said she was thinking of doing the ramblin rose in charlotte....hmm..that was doable travel wise and i had enough time to get my bike or another bike and the pool would be open for the summer..,hmmm...(mind you there are a few ramblin rose tri's...one of them being about 15 min. from my house...) but to do it with a friend/family would be more special and rewarding. So it was done/decided on. We were going to do it. I looked on craigslist for a LONG time contemplating whether i was going to buy a used road bike...it was decided on that i'd see how i liked this first and then invest...i called my dad and talked to him about getting MY, college, heavy as hell, knobby tire, monster....but it was free and rideable. I had to get a helmet. And HAD to, i mean wanted to get some other essentials..i ended up getting elastic laces for my shoes, tri shorts/shirt, and a race belt the week before. So I was set. oh did i forget to mention i also cancelled my gym membership and joined another gym that had a pool and SAFER childcare room...yeah..it was only 25 more bucks a month...but i NEEDED the pool right??? =) ( i did feel much better leaving Jordyn in the kids stay n play at the new gym though...) in the meantime a friend of mine from work asked me if i wanted to do a sprint tri with her in aug...that never ended up happening for scheduling reasons but i started training early b/c i thought i was going to be doing it) i picked a training schedule and stuck to it hard core for 6 weeks..then i got bored..imagine that...i started P90x to mix it up a bit...5 weeks later i started training again...i was set...set to finish and not die.....=)

Sat. sept. 25th. we , the family, drive to charlotte and go to packet pick up. I get my stuff, get marked w/ my name/age/number, get some fuel goo and my free pink shirt..yay. i was getting so excited. We go to the hotel to check in ...I've decided NOT to stay at the hotel that night (mainly b/c i figured i wouldnt get sleep b/c of the kids) i stay with Angelle and her friend Dawn at Dawn's house. (she's also doing the race)..(for those of you reading that didnt know...MOST of you do...angelle and my bro have since moved to florida so she had to fly back in for the race and drive yonder to get another friends bike to drive back up...but she did it and i was happy she came back up for it) So long story short for that night..we made it to dawn's did a quick look through our bags for transition stuff, i clipped some neck skin in my helmet, we laughed and we went to bed...

sun. sept. 26th. wake up at 6:05 ....NOT a morning person over here...who'd a thought w/ 2 kids who love to get up with the rooster..but no i hate the morning..hence i work nights..
we eat a light snack..i had nibbles of bagel and peanutbutter and a banana and were were off to the site to park. First we go to transition site and start unloading..i took the scenic route to find my bike rack but i made it. Then we get our ankle chips. The plan was to get in the pool for a warm up..time just flew by and didnt make it.
7:45 time to get ready inside. We all go inside and take over the girls AND boys bathrooms to pee and then we wait. i was getting anxious and excited at this point b/c the first swimmers were getting ready. We watched them start...i walked with angelle inside for her to get ready..then i walked over to my side of the pool. i was ODD number she was even. i got in line behind 525. Almost time to get in the pool...eeeeek..soooooo excited!!!!!! i was in the pool and then it was my turn and i was off. I started and didnt stop..i passed a few people and then i was done...hmm..that was not bad i thought in my head (only for a split second) i climbed the ladder and sprinted to my transition area...i was feeling good. i dried off a bit slid my shoes on, got my helmet on and i was off for the bike. Its here that i see my kids...i was so happy and Landon was clapping for me....Here's where the emotions kick in. WOW is all i can say. So the bike wasnt horrible. there were some hills and i was being passed by people on much nicer lighter bikes..but that's okay..i finished in less time then i'd thought. While on this ride i had many moments of bliss. Just b/c i was so happy. I was doing something for ME. its been so long since i've felt that way. It def. kept me going when my legs were burning and i thought they'd fall off. ( i know i know..it was only 8 miles...hush up all you) the last hill was the worst but once again i saw my kids and it made me smile...so now was time to run..whew....can you say jelly legs???
i put my bike up, helmet off, viser (spelling?) on and i was off?..um yeah i was off..lol...my legs were a wobblin...but slowly they felt better. It was a 2 mile run and through the run (and the bike actually) i would try to encourage everyone around me...it felt good to do that. There were young (like 11 and 12 and 13--(the 13 yr old got 1st by the way) and then Old women and then women of all ethnicities and body types doing this...how wonderful!!!!
Anyway...so i 'm on my 2nd lap and i know its almost over...here it is the finish line...ooooh here comes the emotions again....hold it in , hold it in...........and i'm done, ----such relief, such an AMAZING feeling!!!!! then i saw angelle and we hugged and cried and it was AWESOME.

If you've never thought of doing something like this for yourself...do it....its so worth it.
Needless to say..this will NOT be my last...i cant wait til i get to feel that way again..

Thank you Angelle for doing this with me. Even now i'm a bit tearful b/c i've just relived the moments...
(now this book is over...thanks for reading..lol)

here were my times: swim 5:25(205th) bike 34:15(680th) run 21:18(524th) (540th out of 961)
i'm not sure how i did in my age group..i didnt stay for that.