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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i hate my civil duties

so i was summoned for jury duty, and i called tonite, and sure enough i have to go in tomorrow am. i still dont know if i'm actually going to have to be on a case but i hope not..i'm not good w/ stuff like that...grrrr...so 8:30 am til who knows when.....what a bunch of bull


wow i got an ass kickin at the gym today. i see a chiropracter there who also knows something or two about training..so he took me in the gym and showed me some other exercises that might be better for my neck and back...all i can say is ouch. i did things that made me hurt in crazy places, none of them being my neck, which is good. i was doing hand stand against the wall i was climbing rope (this was the worst) i told him i felt like i was in gym class again. i complained alot in a charming way i'm sure..he just laughed at me. anyway i hurt but in that good, i know i just made muscle kinda way.

i'll be complaining more tomorrow when i cant move my arms or hold anything w/out my arms/hands shaking....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

house bunny

Not that its an Oscar winner or anything but if you're in the mood to laugh i recommend seeing "House Bunny"..i cried i was laughing so hard at one part...

(as i'm giggling to myself now as i write this...)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

feeling good

So after a long hiatus of not being at the gym or doing any type of calorie burning activity (except of course my one run i did in michigan) i was back at the gym this AM and if felt great. Feeling a bit tired, think i need to drink more water. i dont drink soda but i also dont drink a whole lot of water. Congrats to my biggest loser friends, good job!!! you all motivate me. Esp. to angelle who continued while on vacation which is crazy when everyone around you is eating all that not so healthy stuff. Also for eating healthy at red robin which is not easy either..haha. Good to see you guys hope to see you again. Will started school again today..this semester he as Psych and Peds and then the clinicals to go with it...we'll see how that goes. Landon's happy to be back at school doing fun things with his friends, he's doing great with the potty training and i wouldnt even call it training anymore he's trained. We just have to remind him sometimes thats all. And still wearing pullups for sleep which i have no problems with. When i put him in underwear that mean i'll have to trust him in the middle of the night to go potty if he needs to which mean i have to trust him to open his door and then go back to HIS bed and not OURS...so we'll leave it as is for now...

Oh- did anyone else see that video of that kite boarder being slammed into the building with Fay's winds?? Niiiiice....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So i work last mon/tues/wed. then slept for a couple (literally) hours then plopped myself in the car w/ Will in the drivers seat, landon in the back and Cooper ( the 100lb golden) and started our 15 hr trek to Michigan. We're here, now for a few days and will be until sat. am when we leave. We're having a great time, landon's still taking his naps and isnt sleeping too bad. Cooper is loving it, the weather is nice, not too hat and he loves having everywhere to run to. So far we've been to the zoo, the pool, the gardens (with kids water area), today went to grand haven to the beach to play and although the water was butt ass cold, the sand was fun and there was so much of it. This beach was awesome and the water was so clean. I have pics from everything but didnt bring our upload cord so that'll have to be when we get back. We've of course been eating lots of food and i've not been running or working out (with the exception of yesterday i ran a mile just cuz i couldnt stand it anymore) i'm feeling gross...and esp. since some of my friends are now doing "biggest loser" i feel the need to pick up the pace here... So here's kudos and good luck to all of you doing it..i'll be cheering you on from the treadmill at my gym and cant wait to hear and see the results. Thats it for now...lata