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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So Landon's first bday has come and gone. Kinda hard to believe....we didnt do much b/c we originally weren't planning to be here and it being on a tuesday meant that people wouldn't really be able to come here. We went to lunch at CPK and played outside and played with new toys, and he devoured his cupcake. It was so cute!

Otherwise this past week he's been sick and is just now getting over it. He had been having a raspy cough and snotty and then one night he spiked a fever of 103.9. He was already asleep in my arms so opted not for the bath but a cool washcloth that I would put on his neck and head. He had tylenol and slowly it went down but he slept with us that night and the night after b/c he just wasnt sleeping well with coughing and being snotty. But like i said its basically gone.

He got a cool pool playyard for a present here's a quick shot of it..its pretty cool.

We played with that today.
Here's an update on Landon's accomplishments: 4 teeth, can sleep through the night but he prefers not too..haha....says "duck" "doggie" "dada" and "hotdog" ( i'm apparently chopped liver)...he signs 12 words i think...(hi,bye,eat,more,milk,water,outside,please,up,tree,fan,light,---he's working on bath, change, and thank you but he doesnt do them consistently enough to say he has them...), walking like a maniac, tries to run, climbs all over everything, up everything, he's such a "monkey" which is why we call him that. He eats mostly all people food now and is still really picky..it changes from day to day. He loves hotdogs, and kiwis and pizza and blueberries and grapes but doesnt really like cheese or pears anymore. He still will eat applesauce occasionally... We are transitioning him to real milk. We have been mixing w/ his formula and he's now down to only one ounce of formula with 6 or 7 oz of milk. He is having 2 "bottles" a day but really only a bottle at night--sippy in the morning. If he asks for milk throughout the day i'll give him a bit, but he really likes his water. He will now scream and squeal to let us know he's displeased at something...I'm hoping he grows out of that..we're working on that little issue right now. He is still pretty good in public places and loves to say hi and bye to everyone he see. He loves to give me hugs and kisses, loves to hug his bunny, his doggie cooper and mostly every stuffed animal will get a hug if he comes across 'em. He likes to look out the window at the "ducka" and watch them waddle and "kawka" (quack).
ahhh...he starts daycare in may....and that should be interesting, he's still very attached to me at the moment...i'm looking foward to starting work though....i'll keep everyone posted and post some stuff about disney when we get back.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


So, we are not going to the Cayman islands on the 21st. Will's grandma passed away and his father has postponed the trip--which is totally understandable. (sad, but understandable) I was so looking foward to this vacation. His dad got insurance on the trip, knowing something might happen...so for now we're planning on a vacation with the family later this year. He is sending Will, Landon, and I on a mini vacation though. We really need it. Will and I are at eachother's throats everyday...I'm not sure if its stress, or just that we have been around eachother day and night for a bit too long now, that we both haven't been to work in a while---work is a getaway for me at least...time for adult conversation and a way to use my brain and feel like i'm useful, that i have purpose. I'm not saying i dont enjoy being home with landon, but i need time away or i get really cranky. I guess i'm not meant to be a stay at home mom....maybe when daycare starts or when we have more kids and they are older and have activites/school it will be a different story but this past year has drained me. Kudos to Keri who seems to LOVE being home with Belle and Nikki who is going to stay home now and start her business....I'm jealous that you seem to have it all together...I---be it may from lack of family/friends in the areas i've lived for support --could not keep staying at home all the time w/ landon. I worked weekends this past year and that helped but sometimes i just wished i had other help (family/daycare...) Will was there but i definitely consider myself the main caregiver..I'm not sure where this whole rant came from...i was blogging about something entirely different...I just feel guilty sometimes for wanting to be away from him. I know i shouldnt but i do. He's also in this stage now where he just wants mommy,...up up mommy, pick me up mommy...whines/cries for mommy...only better if mommy is there...shows he loves and trusts me but wow, its draining... He also has quite the personality on him...whew this kid is something else...i LOVE him, I could not imagine my life without him...he blows my mind how smart he is...but good gracious he's growing up way too fast...Looking back on this past year i really should have been evaluated for baby blues or pp depression or something...I think pride got in the way or the fact that i'm a postpartum nurse and felt obligated to be "perfect"...i'm just glad i'm closer to family now...

ANYWAY..back to my original blog ...we're going to Disney instead...We're going April 27th - May 1st...then come back here..then get this i fly right back to Orlando on the 3rd for my friend Jen's wedding...This should be interesting considering its only ME going..Will and Landon will be taking care of eachother from thurs-sunday....I'll miss them, but am WAY excited to get some girl time/party time....P.S. I miss all my friends...and love you all very much!here's a pic of landon "bringing sexy back" in his swim suit

Monday, April 09, 2007

I got my hair did

So Landon got his hair cut for the first time last week and I thought I'd share some before and after shots. It was getting crazy out of control. I think by the 3rd person calling him she or her we were like, okay lets go do this... He did GREAT! He had fun, and laughed and watched dora and sat in an airplane..no crying no whining no nothing!!! The put some cut curls in a ziplock pouch w/ his name and the date on it too..how cute...here's the before

and here's the after....drum roll..............................................................-------->

speaking of having everything he can find in his mouth...he now has 3 teeth and the 4th is probably going to pop through tonite...then he'll have 2 upper and 2 lower...he's also VERY picky about what he eats now..i'm lucky if i can get anything in..even if he eats it one day he's not guaranteed to do the same the next.....but he's so darn cute. On another note, for those that read my "real mom" diddy about the busted eyelid---its okay....we did go to the ER that night b/c it was a pretty good gash, but they opted no stitch just b/c it would be more torment than necessary....they put a steristrip on and it came off tonite in the bath...all is okay. he's a trooper!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Real Moms

So there are many things to blog about but I'll start here and add more later. Quick diddy: we moved to durham and currently are in charlotte for my niece's babtism (on the wrigley side)...and landon's sleeping and i'm going to get some shut eye...I was tagged by Nikki...so i'll do my best-----

Real moms cry from exhaustion, frustration, and lack of "me" time, but love their baby none the less!
Real moms have been pooped on, peed on, spit up on, and then hugged and kissed so its all okay.
Real moms will go without a shower b/c someone refuses to take his nap
Real moms make fools of themselves in public places to make their kids smile
Real moms are hopeful that the busted eyelid their son got from slipping in the tub will be one of the worst boo boos he'll ever get (only wishful thinking...unfortunately)
Real moms wish that nap would last just a little bit longer
Real moms will let their child take every single DVD out of its place if it makes him happy ( and we have LOTS of them...)

Real moms LOVE their baby's slobbery wet kisses
Real moms are okay with their after baby bodies (yeah RIGHT! =) )
Real moms have had some battle wounds from their delivery --that last 7 freakin months...( i wish this upon no one)
Real moms will do everything in their power to make sure their child has food to eat and a safe place to sleep
Real moms are thankful they have been blessed with their children
Real moms NEED a break every now and again...and thats OKAY!~
I think all of my blogging friends have been tagged (from HIVE) Soooo if Sandra and Stef read this...you've been tagged to blog on your sites .....