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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome Jordyn

So I am.....and i finally have my body back to myself. Its not the body i like, but at least its not invaded..=). Cant wait to heal all up and get back to the gym. Sounds crazy..but i'm so ready.

So for all that wonder, here's my birth story.

Most of you know, i think, that i contracted most of my pregnancy (as i did w/ landon). Its always hard for me to know when anything was happening b/c contractions were just a daily happening for me. So on fri. around 1pm ( i had worked the night before and was sleeping) i started contracting. They of course didnt start strong or regular but they were there, so i said lets see what i can do. I got up and started moving around, walking and what not. they got close together but then spread out la la la. Finally by 6pm they were getting a bit stronger and had not stopped yet. By 7 I called the Dr. on call. by 8:15 he hadnt returned my call yet but i knew something was different so we went to the hospital.

So, yeah i'm a L&D nurse and i so didnt want to be "one of those people". All my fellow coworkers know what i mean and i really dont mean offense to anyone else, i just felt pressured to DEFINITELY be in labor before i went it...lol.Well....i got the hospital and i was STILL 3-4 cm. I had already been 3-4 cm that week. GRRR..i was so mad. Anyway, we went walking around the hospital, down the halls, up and down the stair wells and so on. The contractions began to get uncomfortable. Tolerable but i had to stop walking through them. So i get back to the room and they check me...Damn it- i'm STILL 3-4cm. WTF? i was so frustrated...seriously???? I wasnt sure what to do . My dr. said i could go home or hang out another hr and see. Finally i decided to stay 1 more hr. (my ctx WERE getting painful). So finally i think around 12, after an agonizing hr of labor i was 4cm. 4cm? once again WTF? I was really hurting at this time. My lower pelvis burned and hurt so bad at the peak of each contraction i was losing my mind. I was for sure i'd be at least 5-6cm by then...but no...anyway, at least they admitted me since i was contracting every 2-3min painfully....well i think i went another 2 hrs naturally...i was in the shower, on the birth ball, out of bed moving and doing everything and anything i could think of to try and tolerate this...by 2:30 i had my nurse recheck me...4-5cm. OH MY GOSH! i was going to DIE and that's all i was??? i was flabbergasted and finally said epidural please. I think if i was further along i would've tried to hang in there but things were NOT moving fast. The anesthesiologist came in...i was ready for this ( my epidural w/ landon was not painful to get, i remember actually no pain at all). This was entirely different. The "pinch and burn" of the lidocaine...yeah, not really pinch and burn but whatever....THEN...its like he didnt wait long enough or give me enough...but it all hurt so bad i spontaneously burst into big hard tears...not like a little weap..like big tears i couldnt control. He was good and quick at what he did thank goodness but it was horrible.

Next thing i knew i was semi comfy and trying to nap. Then at 4:30am i was changing position a bit and noticed i was a bit wet...I ruptured all on my own. Finally something going the right way. i was 5-6 cm at that time...Then 2 hrs later i was feeling more lower pelvis pressure in the front and i was complete. I pushed for like 15 minutes and out she came. So yes, slow start, fast finish. Good thing i stayed b/c i was in labor just took a while to kick in. I didnt need any augmenting, no pitocin no artificial rupture of membranes so that was nice.

I only stayed in the hospital for a day..mostly b/c landon couldnt come. If there were no restrictions i prob. would've stayed longer. This post partum is so much better. The tear was less, the epidural was good so i could walk and pee all by myself...unlike w/ landon. Pain isnt bad, just the cramping when she nurses. My tailbone is fine and i'm very happy about all this...

Wow this is long..is anyone still reading?

i'll write more later