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Friday, March 07, 2008

a new fear of flying

So we're back from florida. (landon and i were in s. fla this week). It was good. We got there friday and just relaxed. We went to the pool on sat. morning, i went out w/ the girls (christina, nic, and melissa) on sat. night, and then sunday we all went to the beach. It was fun. Landon was really hesitant at first but then loved it. There was also a playground there with slides and swings...we were at the beach for hours and he would've stayed longer but we were all spent. He got some rosey cheeks and shoulders, otherwise the mommy applied loads of sunscreen. I wish i got pics but i didnt want to take our camera in fear i'd get sand in it....so no pics..i think nic took a few though. So i went to dinner w/ my friend alexis and her mom and one of my fav. places-Japan Inn..mmm..so good and so bad on the belly....Landon had fun w/ nana and papa...i'll put the pics on kodak soon. I had fun but did NOT get enough sleep...so much for vacation....

So we get to the airport yesterday..our plane was due to take off at 1:05....what time did we leave you ask? 6pm...yes, this sucked. there were thunderstorms and our plane had to land in west palm and then had to be cleared to come to fll. then when it did come and we boarded the plane we were 30th in line to take off and waited another hour ..finally we took off...THEN we flew through storms...when i say i was scared-thats an understatement....I was holding landon and crying and saying prayers ...i grabbed my cell phone out so i could be ready to turn it on and call Will as i plummeted to the ground (thats how scared)...I thought we were going to crash the turbulence was so bad. On another note I could not have asked for a better child through all of this. Landon did not have a spazz out ALL week and then he did so well in lieu of the airport situation. Granted we ended up watching alot of buzz lightyear and eating really unhealthy food but that's okay.

So we're back, and Will goes on his spring break this next week so we'll get to spend some time together for our birthdays. Landon has his first bday party this saturday at gymboree so that'll be fun.

Anyone else out there scared of flying now. ( i have been flying by myself since i was a child and all the sudden i'm so scared of flying...) note to self: take some valium before flying!