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Friday, November 21, 2008

2 yr old or 20 yr old?

So we went to dinner tonite....Shiki sushi

Landon's dinner: noodles, rice, a few bites of my pepper steak..and........4 pieces of my bagel roll!?!

he asked to try it..and then proceeded to eat 3 more before we left. mind you Will and I were waiting for HIM to finish ....usually the other way around by far. we just laughed and he just kept eating. (bagel roll= cooked salmon (i wouldnt have given him raw fish come on), cream cheese, avocado, rice, rolled and then tempurad.)

needless to say we dont have a normal 2 year old who chooses mac n cheese or chicken nuggets. we get "mommy i want green beans (i.e. edamame) or burritos"...and now "sushi"