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Thursday, November 19, 2009


So Jordyn has a case of baby acne...I know i really shouldnt put anything on it, but how long will this last? I dont remember landon having it..anyone have thoughts or input??

Monday, November 16, 2009


Dear Jordyn,

Please stop crying.

Love, mommy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

public breastfeeding

So today was the first day i breastfed in public w/ jordyn....twice. Will was inducted into a nursing honor society today so we all went to lunch first and then to campus to go to the "ceremony". We went to Mcalisters first. Jordyn was fussy and i planned on possibly having to feed her so i prepared. i wore a loose shirt and nursing tank under. i first started trying to be all discreet and that just wasnt working so i was like well i dont care so i hope noone in here does.. i did what i had to to get her on and THEN covered up while she ate. I'm sure someone got a boob shot but what do i care...i mean, do you know how many people in college saw my boobs??? lol.

So then in the middle of the ceremony she woke up and cried...meanwhile it was so quiet in there except for the one lady speaking...i was like ahhhh..i tried really quickly to get her outta the car seat and once again discreetly get her on the boob. it worked a bit better this time and i covered up...it all worked out..woohoo...

Yay for boobs in public...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

goodbye starbucks

Note to self....

Jordyn and my white mocha from starbucks do NOT mesh well...

goodbye..i'll miss you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

rain rain go away...

okay so its been raining for 3 days straight....for goodness sakes please make it stop. I wanted to get out of the house and neither the rain nor jordyn wanted to cooperated. Today and tomorrow i'm on my own for the day. I had to get landon to school and do the morning stuff (including cooper and what not) and deal w/ jordyn all while its raining and windy and cold... Not so bad when you think about people who have more kids but this is all new for me..and dealing w/ landon and cooper in the morning is enough to drive me nuts. (not all the time but they can both be a handful if they want to). Thankfully jordyn was good this morning and i got landon to school okay and on time. Will has clinicals tomorrow so i'm doing it all over. This also after being up 2-4 times during the night w/ jordyn (meaning not lots of sleep). I did come home and nap w/ jordyn though.

So then later in the day i was trying to get to old navy for their 30% friends/family stuff....i FINALLY got jordyn to sleep and then when we got there the rain started going sideways and it was so cold and she woke up..i tried to get some light shopping in...she cried the whole time and eventually i gave up. I ended up w/ a pair of jeans for her and flipflops for me....16 for both...cant complain...wish i had more time though.

I rejoined the gym yesterday..cant wait to go....she can start going to the kids area at 6 weeks..so until then Will can watch her while i get a quick workout it...

My back hurts too...in a few more weeks i'm going to try to get a massage in...i'm trying to wait for the "womenly post partum fun" to be over...if you know what i mean...*wink*...ha ewww.

hope everyone is doing well...

Monday, November 09, 2009

So this is what it was like

You know you always forget after a while how it is w/ a newborn. Being tired and cranky and hungry and stinky b/c the baby always comes first...

I must say Jordyn is a pretty good baby. She sleeps, eats and poops. She cries when she's hungry or has gas. She really doesnt seem to care all that much about her diaper. At night i'm up usually only 2 times (maybe 3) to feed and change her poops. She sleeps good at night 3-4 hours at a time. When i am up, i am sometimes up for an hour though. Feed, change, change again b/c she decides to poop again, and feed again. She's a hungry hungry hippo. She's becoming so much more alert as well. She is currently as i type just laying on a blanket on the floor chillin. Cooper is babysitting her as only a good dog can.
She's a bit over 2 weeks today. On thursday she was back up to her birth weight and all was well. The cord fell off, we gave her a bath....i kinda feel like i've been slacking on the bathing/hygiene department w/ her. Her butt is nice and clean though. I feel i should be washing her face more b/c of all the kisses and touches she gets. Esp. from her brother Landon who OF COURSE HAS to always touch and kiss her. And he has the sniffles and a cough...FUN. Landon has been doing pretty good also but he's starting to act out which i knew was coming...but all in all i cant complain. He tries to be helpful but boy he's getting a mouth on him....

Congrats to mike and angelle and the girls on baby adam. He's so stinkin cute and we all cant wait to meet him.