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Sunday, September 24, 2006

going, going,...gone

So Landon has officially started his crawling adventures. He has been playing a lot on this blanket on the floor and i keep some magazine/scrapbooking catalogues under the couch..well little smarty pants rolls over to the edge of the couch, reaches his little arm underneath to grab one and pull it out. mind you it ended up in his mouth..but he knew what he wanted. That was the beginning. We figured if he really wanted it we'd see if he crawl to get it. (he's been doing lots of rocking and scootching back lately). we put the catalogue out in front of him and did lots of "happy talk" and sure enough the bugger combat crawled all the way to it, twice. He's not on his hands and knees crawling but he's definitley mobile, its crazy....Off to the store to get some baby gates for the stairs....suggestions on good ones? I think we know what we're looking for, we'll see if its at babies r us (that's close).

News on the "gas front". i actually think cutting the dairy and drinking soy is working...we'll keep it up and hopefully it'll keep getting better. He still loves eating food, still doesnt nap well, but he's the cutest ever and i love him to pieces.

My mother in law is coming in on tues, very exciting...we love our visitors!

Monday, September 18, 2006

catching up

So its been a while since i've blogged, been busy and Landon hasn't been napping well or very long. Lets see what's been going on. Today's our anniversary, not doing much, maybe we'll go to dinner, my in laws were supposed to be here but unfortunately they couldnt come, so if we go to dinner we'll most likely have the baby. Two friends were in town last week to visit. It was SO nice to see them. I laughed a lot and felt like my old self. We went to the zoo in D.C. I'll have to do it again w/ Landon. It was easier to get to then I thought and its huge so I could make a day out of it.

Landon updates: sitting by himself a lot, but will support himself with one or two hands on the floor and will still tip over. he's eating solids, usually 2x a day. Usually oatmeal in the am, and cereal or oatmeal and a fruit or veggie in the pm. So far he's had squash (wasnt his favorite), sweet potatoes ( he liked the best out of veggies of course) and carrots (eh, he was indifferent), and he's had pears and bananas..of course both he LOVED...big shocker. He sits in his highchair when he eats and does so well. He's such a big boy. He's grabbing at toys and picking up with both hands (mostly everything goes straight to the mouth), but he will def. reach at the objects/toys he wants and whine if he cant get them. Some of his favorites are the starfish thing on his exersaucer, the remote controls, his teether keys and anything mommy and daddy are holding. He is pushing up on hands and knees and moves back and will sort of scootch foward so we're looking at baby gates and we are going to rent a steam cleaner and do the carpets b/c they just seem too nasty. On the sleeping subject-not good, he's been sleeping in our bed a lot just b/c he's up so much that me, being selfish, doesnt want to keep getting out of bed a million times a night. He's still gasey. I talked w/ one of the neonatologists at work and he suggested trying to cut the dairy out for at least 2 weeks to see if it makes a difference..so i'm trying it.

I love milk, lets just get that out of the way. This is going to be very hard for me, but if it helps i'm going to stick with it. I went to the store and got "silk" the soy milk. I was afraid at first but got this vanilla kind and its really not that bad. I had it in my cereal this am, it was tasty. Not sure if i'd just drink a glass like i would w/ reg. milk, but it'll do for now. So we'll see in 2 weeks how the tummy/gas issue is...everyone cross your fingers.

OH. We had our first swim class last week. It was good, they just got us in, had us pouring water over the babies head, we learned 2 holds to use, and at the end we did ring around the rosey and we dunked (if we wanted to) the babies. i did it twice. Landon reacted really well. He didnt cry just seemed a little startled by it. Next class is tomorrow...I'll try my hardest to update sooner this time..

Friday, September 01, 2006

just like mom

So we're getting the rain/storms from Ernesto now i think...the only good part is the temperature has cooled off for the moment. We have had our windows open since yesterday. Its not only nice to have the cool breeze but saves money on our electric bill-always a plus. Landon has been napping a lot better recently...he also is sleeping on his tummy now--just like his mom. I always love sleeping on my stomach but hadnt for so long b/c of being pregnant...now it feels so good. I was hoping that he'd sleep better at night b/c when he's on his tummy he seems to fart better and the gas doesnt bother him as much but i dont think he's doing much better than before. Last night was definitely NOT better. I think i'm just getting used to it. But at least he's napping better during the day. We gave him some oatmeal yesterday and he liked it better than the rice cereal..i tried it- it is just a bit better. I also got some fruits/veggies for him but that'll be in a few days after we do oatmeal for a while. He has been pushing up on his hands and is now figuring out that he needs to get his knees up underneath him....I wouldnt mind a couple more months of him being immoble but he's just not happy being in one place and gets bored it seems quite easily lately. I think i'm going to have my hands full.