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Friday, February 23, 2007

Pigs CAN fly

So somewhere pigs must be able to fly because MY son slept from 7-7 last night.....can you believe that...he has also moved to one nap a day. So, he's walking, sleeping, napping, eating...and hopefully teething but still no teeth. We got him some stride rite shoes today also b/c he really didnt have any real shoes to wear and since he likes to walk and we're out alot i figured we'd spend the money for some good shoes...well we didn't spend the money- grandma did (thank you!) I'll post a pic of him in his new sneakies later. We're going to the Baltimore Aquarium tomorrow. I hear its one of the top 5 in the country? I'll update on how that went as well....

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Okay, so last night, like i blogged, landon only took 2 minutes to go to sleep. The night was not so great. He woke up like 4 or 5 times..at first i'd reassure him and by the end of the night i just let him keep crying back to sleep-and he would. Now for tonite!!!!----I put him the crib and not a peep!!! He went to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!...That part only took 3 nights...Now we'll work on the night time part....wish us some more luck.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

getting there...

So, update on nights 2 and 3. Last night was the 2nd night of crying to sleep which was supposed to be the worst...i was expecting exactly that...but landon was out in 10 minutes. it was cute. he fell asleep sitting and leaning on his bumper. eventually he turned to move to his tummy but it was just adorable. Although that part went well, he still woke up like 4 times through the night from gas. I really need to start keeping a log of what he eats at dinner and figure this out. I think one item is strawberries. He used to get gasey when i ate them and nursed him, so i stopped then. He had apple/strawberry/banana at dinner last night so???
Tonite, guess what-----it only took a whole TWO minutes to get to sleep...lets keep our fingers crossed for a good night....=)
On another note...Landon signed "more" today (at least we think and hope thats what it was..haha)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tough love

So- after lots of consideration and many sleepless nights we decided to go the cry to sleep route w/ landon AGAIN. If you all might remember we did this once before and that happend to be the week landon started to pull to standing. The second night we did it he kept standing up and falling and banging his head (his balance wasn't great at that time) soooo we stopped in fear he might really hurt himself. That led to the rocking to sleep again and bringing him to bed w/ me in the middle of the night. So- we are doing it again and last night was the first night.
Bedtime 7:15, cried til 7:40 and slept til 12:00. I went in at night reassured him and layed him back down and he went back to sleep and then he woke up at 5:15 had a bottle and then slept til 7am. (he usually still has a bottle anywhere from 5-6:45, hopefully we can cut that out soon) It was the first night he slept in his crib from start to finish. NINE months old and the first time..can you believe it. So all in all, i'm pretty proud of the night, and i got some sleep. We'll see how tonite goes....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

packing ..Again.

So, it has come to that point where we need to get on the ball and actually pick up the pace w/ packing. I think we have done a total of 3 boxes thus far. Ha!. We packed up our buffet and some books and well, that's 'bout it...haha..i have to laugh to keep from crying. I really am not looking foward to the packing and moving/unpacking part of this journey. The getting to live in a brand new house and starting new job are pretty cool though. We are supposed to close on the house on march 9th and then Will and I are going to try to go down the weekend after to paint some. (erica- i really like that color you did in your office, i'm looking into it.) anyways...we're currently struggling w/ trying to find daycare for landon down in durham. We're trying to find one that does partial week as opposed to paying for 5d/wk. I'm only working 3 nights and 2 will be weekend so Will will be home...paying for the week just isnt worth it...BUT doesnt seem like things are looking good for that. Plus i'm already going to be neurotic about who i'm leaving him w/. Yeah its all good they'll do partial but are they safe/clean/nice/etc. grr..

updates on landon: eats great, loves mostly everything. We started him on people food. he's had cheese and taste of spaghettios and some black beans, loves kiwi. otherwise eating his own fingerfoods (loves the meat/chicken/turkey sticks), loves cheerios (hmm..he seems to love everything)...he's starting to get picky though b/c certain veggies he starts to close his mouth after a couple bites...its fine at least i know he's getting preferences to things..i tell you this kid has such a personality on him...he still has NO teeth (what's the deal..so much drool and cranky butt and no teeth?) he has started to walk...he'll do a few steps on his own, is starting to stand on his own better and more often and doing speed climbing up the stairs any chance he gets...crazy child..I adore him!
he still DOES NOT SLEEP!!!!!!! i swear i'll go insance, actually i think i already lost my mind/sanity. its been 9 months without a good night sleep..take that back it started before he was born..so 'bout a year since i've had even a full 6 hours of sleep...can you imagine???????? ANY SUGGESTIONS????? everyone say prayers that he'll eventually decide to stay asleep.