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Thursday, January 04, 2007

and a happy new year

So 2006 came and went, crazy! I still can't believe it, can you? Chanukah went well, xmas went well. Landon has a crazy amount of toys. Like way too many to handle. I need to find a way to contain them all. We just stayed here for the holidays, I didn't have to work this year, which was nice. So Will cooked xmas dinner and then in the morning we opened presents. Landon just liked the paper which we expected but it was fun anyway. Then come wednesday at midnight Will gets a phone call that Ford died and he needed to get to base. Sooooo, he left, came back at 2am then left again and just got back today. He was carrying the national flag in Cali and then again in Grand Rapids for Ford's ceremonies. He got some good TV coverage and some good photos taken. Something neat to tell the kids when they're older. Otherwise it sucked being alone w/ Landon and the dog. Luckily it was only 5 days alone then mom came in on monday...thank goodness...i was about to go insane. How do women do this either being single mom's or w/ husbands that travel or for military, are gone overseas for like a year?....kudos to you...i'm a baby and needed help after 5 days...But in my defense have you met my dog??????? haha. (that is Will in the middle of the pic)