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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


so my last day of work was yesterday...kinda bittersweet. I'm really excited to start a new job but i'll miss my friends.. we are running around trying to pack up the last of our things..there are boxes everywhere and furniture in the garage and still we have so much more to pack. My mom comes thursday, dad comes friday and we move down on saturday...pretty crazy.

on another note, landon is now 11 months. He now has 2 bottom teeth and is teething so who knows how many more are going to pop out soon. he's saying dada but not sure if the association is there. he's now also signing "eat, tree, please (although its his own version of please haha)," along w/ the others he already did...walking like crazy. walking in shoes great now which at first he wasnt so good at. we got him some sandal like shoes today as well and he did great in those too....thats 'bout it....

we went to the mall today and i did the dreaded bathing suit shopping. we're going to grand cayman in april w/ will's family and i felt the need for a new suit. I've been in a slump lately when it comes to my body so i'm not so excited about putting on a suit in front of everyone. So going bathing suit shopping sucks to begin w/. You're standing in front of a mirror w/ all your flaws showing and i swear everything look 10x worse in those mirrors and lights. grrrr...i tried on some tankinis and skirts and then regular tops and bottoms, tried on one pieces which i've NEVER worn, and i actually found 2 i like at the 3rd store. i ended up w/ a tankini top and regular bottom and then ANOTHER suit, black, w/ tie at the hip bottoms to lessen the hip bulge and a halter top. I'm not so bold to take pics and post them but maybe ones from vacation will show up on here. I'm hoping after we move i'll get back to the gym and start eating a little better. we've been doing a lot of take out w/ packing/moving stuff. Plus i've been drinking way too much soda...i need to cut that crap out.....enough ranting....

Sunday, March 11, 2007

we have a tooth!

So finally landon has his first tooth. I was putting him to bed last night and i was putting some oragel on his gums and sure enough there was a pointy thing on the bottom gums. So of course i waited til morning to try to look and its sooo cute...i can't wait to see it bigger and him to get more teeth.....I could do w/out the teething and chewing and drooling though...i'll try to get a pic.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Its official

so its official---we're homeowners. I went down to durham this weekend and we closed on friday. everything went smooth and all is well. i also checked out a few daycares...that's a whole different story. one was super nice and super expensive, one was a "never will i EVER send my child there" and the other was where i think we're going to take him. http://www.littleprosacademy.com/ it has the part time option which we want and the price is something we can afford.
Update on Landon. He's still sleeping pretty well, we're just trying to cut his early morning bottle out or else he'll never sleep through til 7. He usually wakes up for a bottle from 5:30 to 6:30 if he's up at 6:30 then i just keep him up for the day and thats that. He is still taking 2 naps. at first he was taking 1 nap but that must have just been a phase b/c he's happier w/ 2. He prefers to walk instead of crawling and gets frustrated when he falls. He's signing "milk", "more", "light", "fan", "hi" and "byebye". still no verbal words though.
The rest of this month is going to fly by. we go back to the house this weekend to paint and the weekend after i have a wedding to go to and then the next weekend we move...crazy....here's to hoping everything goes smoothly....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Baltimore Aquarium

So this is a bit late, but Feb. 24th we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. It was cool- and we got to see a dolphin show. Will carried Landon in a backpack and throughout the trip he was just like..."uh, okay"...but we enjoyed it. Here's a pic and a link to see more photos.http://www.kodakgallery.com/Slideshow.jsp?&mode=fromsite&collid=16899192803.442584446403.1172963924577&conn_speed=1