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Thursday, May 31, 2007

i'm still alive

Ha ha...its been awhile...lots has been going on. I am going to start my 4th week of orientation at work on tues. Its crazy! I'm so exhausted. I have a totally new respect for L & D nurses...i'm so busy and there's so much to do all the time. Not that i wasnt busy in mother/baby but its a totally different busy..i go home so tired. And its not like i can just leave and walk to my car either...i have to wait for a bus to take me to the commuter lot. On weekends or nights you can park in the lot across the street so that's good. I AM enjoying my job though....and things are becoming easier as the days progress....(just so much to remember) Landon starts a new daycare on monday. We took him out of the other one after 2 weeks b/c he wasnt doing well. I know there will be an adjustment period but it was bad. First day or two was okay but then he wouldnt eat...he wouldnt pick up food or pick up a sippy cup and we got a progress note that said "please work w/ landon at home to eat and drink by himself " Will and I were like "HUH?". He's been doing fine at home for months so this was a surprise to us. He also just looked so unhappy when he was picked up and then he would cry when he was dropped off and be very clingy...So this new daycare he'll be in a class w/ kids only in his age group (12-16 or 18 months) as opposed to up to 24months...The teacher will hopefully be more willing to work w/ him since she works w/ kids just his age. We're also going to go about this differently. When he started the teacher basically said we should leave him there all day. ( we were going to stay w/ him for a bit and ease him in) she said it would be harder for him to adjust...well damn it i think he felt abandoned that way--so we're doing it OUR way. So we're going tomorrow for a bit and he'll officially start monday...
Will starts volunteering at the hospital in a week. as of now he's going to be in Surgical Pathology so we'll see how he likes that.. He also applied for a part time job at Best Buy. We figure we might as well get some discount from wherever he's working...(new digital camera will be first i hope) so he's talked to them and i think they're just trying to figure where they can fit him in the days he can work.
So thats bout it for catching up. Here's a newbie...We're going to start reserving a spot in the ER for Landon. Whew this kid has no fear and i'll be worrying all the time as he grows up. Last night at bathtime he decides to climb out of the tub. Its not like we werent right there either. We were! landon was all soapy though and he just climbed up and slipped through the little bugger. he fell and busted his nose (we're hoping its not broken....) it was a little bloody but nothing too bad...I broke my nose when i was 4 and apparently my parents didnt know until i went to the doctor for them to check on my ears...so i'm hoping i dont find out at doctors appt that he had broken his nose....it looks fine to me..my poor baby gets so many boo boos....(on a good note we got insurance back today!)

thats it for now