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Friday, October 24, 2008


Here's the pic from my 4th folder in my pic documents...(supposed to also be ther 4th photo in 4th folder)

here's me, jen, sam and tia. they came to visit in DC when landon was a few months old. i was playing w/ jen's hair b/c she was getting married. it also must have been game day...notice the gator shirts..=)

(this was the only photo in folder 4 so ....)

ps. if you click on the photos it gets bigger and i look like a bigger hot mess.....beware

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


...at the disco that is...

My new FAVORITE workout songs are from Panic at the Disco...I highly recommend trying them out if you are looking for some new stuff for your playlist

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


So Angelle posted about her workout playlist. I have been trying to burn a CD from a friend (of her music library) i've tried 2 times and neither disc would upload to my i tunes...Anyone know why?? and to add to that this weekend i need to utilize the music library of the hive gals....Erica you prob. have every song known to man so i will def. be burning lots of music if that's okay with you. I'm trying to update my music. I have a workout list and a run list but there's def. music i would love to add but i'm cheap and am not willing to pay itunes to download them..=) so thanks in advance for sharing the wealth...

my run list has aerosmith, less than jake ( i highly recommend running to them, its very upbeat), green day- stuck with me (this is the one i repeat over again if i need to sprint a little...its fast and great), kelly clarkson, britney spears (yeahyeah)

workout list also includes, janet jackson, beyonce with some songs from above....

i love looking at other people's playlists..if you're interested you can go to womenshealthmag.com and click on playlists to see some there of athletes and others...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

pumpkin patch

So we went to a pumpkin patch today. Got some pumpkins, landon rode a train and a PONY and we did a big slide and jump house. Landon said "i want to go on the train, i want to ride the pony". Of course we buy the tickets to do so, and when its time to go he freaks out and cries and screams. Needless to say we made him do them and he ended up loving them. Who cares about the looks like we're horrible parents making a screaming kid do something he is saying he doesnt want to do....he loved it, we knew he would. He just needed to give it a chance. geeesh.

Landon and i leave for Hive on wed. am. I'm so excited. I'll see some friends in Orlando as well which i cant wait to do. There will be plenty of photos after we're back...YAY!. I think its neat even if i dont see all of these people often that we'll all be in touch probably for life. Landon will have friends for life even if he wont see them often ( i hope, that is...) Its kinda strange to think about the future and when our kids are older and like in high school--who will they be, what "groups" will they belong to...any of you hive people think about that...? think about how our kids will grow up knowing all of everyone elses kids and will they stay friends or keep in touch?? How i wish i lived closer to my friends. All my friends.... I miss everyone all the time.

Not much else, no work until oct. 15th..WOOHOOOOO ..go vacation week. i get my hair done tomorrow..not sure yet about it..we'll seeeeeeeeeeee?!.....

love the weather..hope it stays this way..ahhhhhh