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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, Landon is 2, and we had a great birthday weekend. His bday was on thursday. Will and I were both off so we took landon to breakfast and to toys r us and just had a good day. My mom and dad came into town that day, we went to dinner at PF Changs (landon loves noodles and rice) and then we came back and had ice cream. Friday, Will's mom and sister in law and our niece and nephew drove in. We went to dinner at Outback, that was interesting w/ 3 kids, and then that was that. Saturday Mike and Angelle and the girls drove up. That day we played in the pool, played outside all day, jumped in the bounce house that Mike and Ang were able to borrow from their neighbors (thanks laurie and brian), had cake and bbq. FUN times..we got LOADS of photos.

Landon is 28 or so pounds and 35 1/2 in tall. He's doing everything he should and more. He's super cute and i adore him..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting to know Landon

1. What's your middle name? Scott

2. What food will you eat every time? grapes, kiwi, cereal, chocolate

3. Describe a usual lunch for you? whatever they serve at school. if i decide to eat

4. What's your favorite drink? milk

5. What are your very favorite songs? Hot Dog song (mickey mouse), Old MacDonald

6. Who are your favorite fictional characters? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, Cars characters, Buzz Lightyear

7. What is your favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, (Wiggles (never thought i'd let him watch it), higgley town heroes and jo jo's circus----these are in the am only)

8. What is your favorite movie? CARS, lion king, toy story

9. What/who are your favorite stuffed animals? elmo, cookie monster, pluto, bunny

10. What are your favorite electronic toys? those of my mom and dad

11. What are your favorite non-electronic toys? puzzles, choo choo train, CARS figurines

12. What are your favorite books? Arthur and D.W., Sesame Street ABC, & counting, Snug house Bug house, Train books, Truck books, Pizza Pat

13. When's your naptime? usually 12-2

14. When's your bedtime? 7:30-8pm

15. What's your bedtime routine? Go pottie, take a bath, brush my teeth, run around my room, get on my jammies, run around some more, play peek a boo, read 3 books, snuggle w/ mommy in my chair while she sings old macdonald, and get in to bed w/ my na-na (pacifier) and go to sleep

16. Besides the obvious, what's in your bed at night? blanket, and numerous na-nas

17. When is your happiest time of the day? right when i wake up or afternoon

18. What can make you laugh 100% of the time? rough-housing with Daddy

19. What makes you mad 100% of the time? making you do something you don't want to do

20. What do you do to make others laugh? dance around

21. What do you do that drives your Mommy crazy? not listen, on purpose

22. If you talk, what word(s) do you say incorrectly every time (but it's so cute that you can just go on saying it that way for a while)? adds "y" to the end of some words...milky, fishy, etc.

23. If you talk, what are your favorite words or phrases? oh my gosh, and mickey mouse

24. What physical feat have you just accomplished? jumping like a big boy and then jumping off things w/out fear. going down the stairs by myself (mostly)

25. Who are some friends you play with often? school friends mostly


AH! I am so mad. Well, was mad, i'm kinda over it now i guess. So i was scammed, and here's the story. Back in october some guy was going around the neighborhood trying to sell those magazine subscriptions. You know, the ones that are for fundraising or what not. So, i'm skeptical but trying to be openminded b/c i had to do a lot of fundraising while in hs. I was outside playing w/ landon and he approached me. He seemed normal enough, had a "legit" ID, the laminated book of magazines and receipt pad. He had this whole shmeel about blah blah blah....Anyway after a while i ended up getting "Parents" magazine. I write a check to LL Distributors and get a receipt. (its supposed to take about 2 months) Here's march and I find my receipt and call the distributing company that's on the receipt and IT is legit BUT the guy/company was NOT. They told me those receipts hadnt been used in a while (she knew b/c of the number that was on it) and that the check would've been made to them if it was one of there ind. distributor people. GRRRR. I was ticked off. So i went to my bank and they were able to print out the copy of my check and it showed which bank cashed it and it had a signature on it. I then called that bank and told them the story. They of course couldnt give me any info, not that i thought they could, but i asked them to put a complaint and flag that company name b/c it is false and scamming people--so they said they would. That day i tried to call the police to put a complaint it. I cant get the persons info from the bank, but they could. I am not looking for my money back, but i'm sure i wasnt the only one that was scammed by this guy or group of people. I kept calling and the person in charge of fraud was not available. Well now its today and after working 4 nights and sleeping during the day maybe i can get back to calling the cops to catch this idiot......BEWARE do not get magazines from someone you dont know! And if you do write their name down and take a photo of them and post it on the bulletin board until you get your magazines!