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Friday, September 28, 2007

17 months

so Landon is now 17 months of crazy ! He is talking lots more: he says: mama, dada, bubba (for cooper), dog, woof woof, moo, meow, duck, baaaaaa (sheep), neigh (horse), sticker, apple, wawa (water), milk, purple, back (black) blue, red, yellow, circle, nose, eye, mouth, knee, nana, papa, ella, ick (nick), anga (angela), dardar (darby) -(his school friends), hi, bye, ravoli (ravioli), book, light,...he basically will attempt to repeat other words we say as well...oh, he also definitely knows how to say NO....mmm. one of his favorites
he weighs 27 lbs and is 33 inches tall, still has 7 teeth but some are coming in now.
climbs, runs is CRAZY

he's so cute, i love him so much.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Jewish New Year

L'Shanah Tovah to all my jewbie friends and family...=) here's some photos of Landon enjoying his apples and honey...the honey he enjoyed VERY much. I hope nana and papa are proud of their good jewish daughter...

such a sucker

so today i decided to go to the mall. day off + landon at daycare= me time...yipee. So here i am, just getting to the mall and not more than 10 feet and one of those people from the kiosks in the middle of the mall gets me. He "drags" me in and starts shmoozing me. I really do like the product he was trying to get me to buy....its the dead sea salt products - very nice stuff if you ever try it....so this is how it plays out (very long story short), he starts by talking to me and wanting to show me something..."my name is Life and i'm going to change your life..." (yeah, blah blah blah, suuuuure) so he does this buffing thing to my nails---WOW it is really cool i have to say, my nails are super shiny all on their own, no polish or anything..and smooth, i'm impressed. so needless to say i said sorry too expensive, so then he says okay and say's i'll give it to you 25% off...okay, so then he's like yada yada yada and then shows me more....this exfoliating stuff but there's no beads or salt/sand stuff (how it exfoliates a total mystery-but it works) its for your face but he shows me on my arm, once again, awesome product, then he puts this moisturizer on over it...nice, but nothing too too great like the first products...so then he says basically he'll make me a deal....and i say i can't, i dont have lots of money and i can't be spending lots right now...(real quick---this guy is israeli, and tonight starts rosh hashanah the jewish new year so of course i start chatting w/ him about this and that and this guy is a great sales guy.....he kept going on and on about whatever...it was quite amusing..do they go to school for this stuff...????) anyway...so i tell him i cant, he says okay, what about this.....long story i ended up getting all the products but paid half of what they were listed on the price list....so i can't really complain. Should i have bought them, no. Are they great product and am i glad i did...yes. i recommend these to anyone.!!! ( but then again, i'm like damn it, i'm such a sucker...geesh...)

on another note...we at the Wrigley house all just finished getting over a stomach bug--NOT fun, and glad that's through. all is well. Landon is talking lots, he's a maniac and hilarious. I have my moments of complete frustration and want to melt down but then he hugs me and i forget about it all.....for a moment. haha... for real, i love him. he has a mohawk now. has for 2 weeks, it was traumatic...he hates those clippers so i dont know what we're going to do when he needs another cut.....work is good..had some highly emotional experiences lately w/ babies being very early gestation and being not viable...but my coworkers are great and Will is really supportive so that helps...makes me very thankful for my little boy....I send all my good mojo towards christina who is NEXT for the baby train. woohoo.....peace out yo
dont mind my hair,......