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Sunday, August 27, 2006


so we started landon on some rice cereal last thursday. he seemed quite interested and even wanted to hold the spoon himself. he's going to looooove the good stuff.

So thursday was his 4 month appt. 15lb and like 25 1/4 in long. he got his vaccines and i actually think that he had a little reaction to one of them. until last night he had this really high pitched cry. they said something about a cry like that but i wasnt really listening..oops...the past few nights have been really crappy but hopefully it'll get better. Oh he also had a very small patch of thrush so the Peds gave him medicine for that...he's supposed to get it 4x a day but he really dislikes it and most of it ends up on the bib. but its already going away so its working anyway.

Landon has also been trying to sit up on his own...He's doing a pretty good job too. we'll keep you all updated.

Monday, August 21, 2006

swim time

So we went to the park today with a friend of mine and her daughter who is 6 months...it was fun. She was telling me about these 2 classes she signed up for w/ her daughter one of them being a mom/baby swim class. Soooo i came home and signed us up for it too. Its an 8 week class, indoor pool, and basically gets the babies acclimated to the pool and shows you techniques/holds when you start teaching your baby to swim...i thought why not, it gives us something to do once a week, and he loves the water so. i'll let ya'll know how it goes. class starts sept. 12th. (this also gives me an excuse to go buy a new swimsuit.)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

huggies vs. pampers

Okay so i'm really tired of buying different types of diapers every week trying to decide which i like better...the huggies fit him so much better but it seems pampers absorbs better...But they BOTH suck at night...it doesnt matter if i change his diaper he somehow will pee out it...(this never happens during the day) grrrrrr...i'm using huggies supreme now but that doesnt help at night.. On another note i took him to the doctor yesterday..she says she really doesnt think its allergies, maybe just a small cold (yes nikki she said the 3 week thing and its almost 3 weeks, so hopefully almost done) it wasnt so bad last night or this am so hopefully that's a good sign I'd much rather him be sick than have allergies..not that i'm glad he's sick, but allergies (esp.l if it were to our dog cooper) would be bad.
So regarding all of the dieting/working out going on with everyone..i went to the gym last night..i'm trying to go whenever i can--when Will gets home early from work, or before i go to work...it makes me feel good, relieves my stress....did i mention that i'm plucking ridiculous amounts of grey hairs from my head....and getting those baby lbs off. unfortunately i'm not a dieter..i LOVE to eat and Will is a good cook so cutting back or eating healthy doesnt always work for me..plus w/ breastfeeding i'm usually hungry/thirst all the time...so for now i'm aloud! =) my body is sore today but dont you like that feeling, then its like, yes, i did something yesterday and its working??? ....

Monday, August 14, 2006


So I dont know if Landon has allergies but he has had a snotty nose, sneezes alot, itchy eyes and only one eye gets "sleep" in the morning. I feel so bad b/c he seems so miserable in the morning. Anyone else having trouble or had trouble with that??

My mom is coming up next week-thankfully...I finally get to go to the dentist and maybe catch a nice massage and/or pedicure, oh and get my hair done-(way overdue). I'm also trying to pick up some shifts at work b/c I cant stand to see the number on my paycheck...

I put Landon down for a nap in his crib. He usually just naps in his swing or something during the day. we'll see how long i get...=)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


So Landon is asleep. He goes to sleep really well, just wakes up during night still. We went to a "mommy movie" today... movie theater full of moms and babies/toddlers so we dont have to worry that our baby makes to much noise and annoys the other people-very good idea. We saw John Tucker Must Die....cute....

I was really blogging just to say that Landon really dislikes having his clothes put on and taken off...he'd go around naked if he could i'm sure....i cant wait to see how he is as a toddler..although him being able to sit/stand/help will actually make things easier...i swear it takes twice as long to change him b/c he's trying to roll and wiggle out of the way...

okay..i think i should go to sleep while i have the chance.....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

sleep? what's that?

Okay, so i know every new mom (and dad) goes through this but really...will i ever get sleep again? i mean all i'm asking for is like 5 straight hours, that's not too much to ask is it? Last night was horrible. I'm not sure if its a growth spurt, early teething, gas or what but Landon went to bed at 8, woke up at 11 and would not calm down so i fed him. He usually doesnt wake up until at least 12 or 1. We fell asleep on the glider (not unusual) until like 12:45 (a long time for us) and he started crying again. Only this time he started freaking out...nothing would calm him down...he actually let me change his diaper and he was calm but after that started spazzing out again...Will woke up and gave me a break and rocked him a little and landon actually dozed off, so Will went to put him back in the crib...Landon said "just kidding" and started crying again...it was like 1:30 at this time and i gave up and just nured him again...i kept him in bed w/ me and he slept until 6...( mind you he was restless a few times here and there tooting and what not but didnt want to eat again til 6). AHHHHHHHHHH...anyone have any suggestions????

so up until now he's also been crabby. i checked his mouth and dont feel any teeth starting to poke through?? he's kinda snotty so maybe thats it? maybe allergies? i have no idea.....

Willing to listen to what anyone has to say......

(i picked up an 8 hr shift tonite...poor Will, hopefully Landon is halfway decent tonite....)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Trying this out....again.

Okay, so I figure I'll try out this blogging thing again. I actually have a moment now while Landon is peacefully sleeping in his swing and will surely be waking up soon. I'll try to keep this updated to keep everyone updated on our life up here in Virginia. Here's a quick fill in. Landon was 3 months July 24th and he is growing up so quickly. He is rolling over constantly. He is on his back for all of 3 seconds and then rolls to his belly...(mind you this is not cute at night when mommy wants to go to sleep) his next dr. appt is aug. 24th and we'll get a new ht/wt...last time we checked he was 14lbs and 'bout 25 inches long. He's, I think, the cutest baby EVER, not that I'm biased or anything.

Will is 'bout finished up applying for school for next year when he gets out of the army. YAY!!! Its been okay here for the past 3 years and I'll miss the friends I've made, but I'm ready to go. The prices, and the freaking TRAFFIC....aaaaaaaaaahhh..its enough to drive anyone insane. Its between florida and north carolina and if he gets into UNC, then we're prob. going there for the duration of his schooling...What degree does he want now you ask?haha...he wants to go back to be a nurse anesthesist...we'll see how that turns out...That means in about 10 years i wont have to work anymore....i hope i can make it until that point. ha.

As for me, I'm only back to work part time nights b/c that what works for us and I like that I can be home w/ landon and we dont have to pay for daycare....

okay...until next time...(i.e. when landon sleeps again....)