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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Landon went to his first movie in the theater tonite. Madagascar 2. I used to take him when he was a baby and he'd sleep through or i'd breastfeed him...but this is the first he actually watched. He did so good. Will and Landon shared popcorn and it was so cute. He only talked a few times. There were 3 other "families" in the room and he did well. He then fell asleep on the way home. Oh did i forget to say he didnt take a nap today.....yeah......Oh and he's kinda weaning himself of the na na. (pacifier). 2 nights ago, i was at work, and i called will to see how landon did. Apparently landon went to bed w/out his na na. He told Will..."i dont need it"..."keep it here in bed, but i dont need it now" and he rolled over and went to bed. Interesting...we'll see if this is too good to be true.

Lets see. We also decorated the tree today, i got some cute photos i'll have to download and post one day..haha...Wish i had something else great and swell to share, but i dont...so until next time...whenever that is.....=)